Maputo Mozambique

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Maputo Mozambique

Learn more about the coastal resort of Maputo in Mozambique

The largest and busiest city - Maputo is the capital of Mozambique. Maputo is a big city with plenty of things to do and attractions close by. Where historical monuments with beautiful architecture still stand and where museums invite you to tell the story behind Mozambique's rich colonial history. Come and enjoy a variety of activities to do in Mozambique's capital city ...

Situated in the most southern end of Mozambique lies the capital city of Maputo!

If you are interested in doing some shopping in Maputo then head off downtown (the Baixa) and see what gets your fancy.

Here you will also find banks and quite few quaint street cafes and coffee shops for you to sit down, relax and get something to eat. After you've had a good break make your way down to the busy, vibrant municipal market. Here you can find tons of everything the busy locals can sell you, such as fruits, vegetables, fresh produce, spices, lovely detailed carved out wooden sculptures, baskets, beadwork, paintings plus so much more. Here you can definitely find a souvenior of Mozambique to take back home.

If you are interested in some delicious fresh fish for the braai later that evening, then do visit the fish market (north end of Avenue Marginal). Everyday fishermen go out on their boats for hard day's work catching fish and other seafood. After they return to the docks, they offload and take their catch straight to the fish market to be sold. Some of the seafood include: massive prawns, clams, crayfish, crab and a variety of other fish. In fact, the lovely part about buying all your seafood from here, not only is it fresh from the ocean but you can ask one of the fish market's restaurants to cook the food you just bought right in front of you for a small fee.

Why not go take a ferry to Catembe which is the land you can see from across the bay of Maputo's harbour. The boat ride takes approximately 25 minutes. Once you are there (notice 2 small shipwrecks) and have jumped off board, you can take either take a walk around Catembe where military guns in certain spots (some are still "loaded") or walk over to the restaurant and enjoy a tasty meal whilst enjoying a fantastic panoramic view of Maputo.

You can also take a boat ride to the Xefina island (off the coastline of Costa do Sol in Maputo). Although you can cross the shallow waters by foot to Xefina island during low tide, it is still too risky because it is very easy to underestimate the tide's incoming speed - so a boat ride to Xefina is highly recommended. Many years ago, the Portuguese used the island as a prison. No guards were needed as the shark infested waters did the deed.

If you are interested in visiting or staying at the popular holiday destination of Inhaca island, then it is as simple as booking a boat trip (and / or accommodation there).

The locals are full of life and if you feel like experiencing some of Maputo's nightlife then groove down to the Fere de Populare. Bars and discos often play vibrant african beats throughout the night where ice-cold local beers and cocktails are served.


Maputo is where historical monuments with beautiful architecture still stand and where museums invite you to tell the story behind Mozambique's rich colonial history. Interesting places to visit includes the Natural History Museum, The Central Railway Station in Maputo, Maputo City Hall, The Iron House in Maputo, Jardim Tunduru in Maputo, Maputo Catholic Cathedral, Maputo Elephant Reserve nearby and Xefina Island.

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